2023 Sep 11

WWE RAW Results – September 11th, 2023


Tiffany Stratton is in Adam Pearce’s office and she wants to know where is Becky Lynch. She demands respect. Becky Lynch shows up and Adam has the contract for their match tomorrow night. Tiffany says she has been nothing but respectful to Becky. She says she might have let her emotions get the best of her. Tiffany wants to know why is Becky coming after her and the title. Becky says she wasn’t focusing on her but you come on her show to get some publicity for your dead title. Becky says Tiffany is athletic as an Olympian and dumb as a box of rocks. You could be great but you only care about being famous. She says she will make Tiffany famous when she takes Tiffany’s title. Tiffany says she does not need Becky to make her famous. If you want to stick your head in her business, Tiffany says she has not problem beating Becky. They sign the contract.

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