2023 Sep 06

WWE NXT Results – September 5th, 2023

NXT Women’s Championship
Tiffany Stratton (C) vs. Kiana James

The match kicks off with a lock-up, and both competitors immediately resort to hair-pulling in their attempts to gain an early advantage. Tiffany Stratton seizes control with a side headlock and a powerful shoulder tackle. She then surprises everyone with a matrix-like move to evade Kiana James. The two lock up again, showcasing their grappling skills. Tiffany secures a wrist lock, but James counters with her own reversal.

A cartwheel from James allows her to gracefully land on her feet and apply a hammerlock. Tiffany finds her way to the ropes to break the hold. A series of quick pin attempts ensue, with Tiffany even using the ropes for leverage, but the referee halts the count. James retaliates with a roll-up, grabbing a handful of tights, but the referee spots the infraction.

Tiffany responds with a forearm to the back of James’ head and another forearm for a near fall. She sends James into the turnbuckles and proceeds to deliver a series of shoulders. James counters with knees to Tiffany’s back and applies a stretching submission hold. Tiffany manages to reverse the hold, but James attempts an O’Connor Roll. Tiffany holds onto the ropes to thwart the pinning attempt.

Both competitors exchange strikes and clotheslines, resulting in a double down. As Tiffany reaches for James’ Gucci bag, Kiana knocks it away and lands her “401k” finishing move for a near fall. Tiffany resorts to a rake of the eyes, followed by her signature “Finlay Slam” and the “Prettiest Moonsault Ever” to secure the three-count victory.

Winner: Tiffany Stratton

After the match, Becky Lynch appears on the ShawnTron screen to congratulate Tiffany on her successful title defense. Becky reveals that since she’s achieved nearly everything in WWE except the NXT Women’s Title, she’s coming to NXT. Next week, Tiffany Stratton will face Becky Lynch for the NXT Women’s Title in the main event.

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